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February Class blog

Great fun learning a complete step sequence for the Samba this month and we have made some progress learning the “Argentine Stroll” sequence dance…

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Samba Routine is finally complete this week ( 18th ) so we will move on to a Ballroom dance next week.


Argentine Stroll Sequence dance is also nearly completed - just need to practice the Hooks and ganchos.

Dance Breaks Weekend, Somerset


 Saturday Evening Dinner


Saturday Evening Dinner

Foxtrot Lessons from Lawrence and Emma ( On Mobile devices Click for Full screen )

October - Foxtrot

Our Tuesday Group is moving on in the Foxtrot - adding a further 5 steps - I have added a new video clip in the Dropbox store…

Strictly is BACK - get you shoes out and KEEP DANCING

A splendid  start to the Dance programme that everyone talks about - So time to polish those dance shoes and come and learn some new ballroom dance moves with us….

July and August

Typically quiet months for evening activities as couples have other things to do such as Holidays and Family events.

Our core team have been hard at it learning new steps in Waltz and Jive…

We are keen to recruit new couples so if you are a Ballroom Fan ( Strictly is fast approaching its 2019 Show season )  get in touch using the Contact form or call for more information.

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If you are a member check on the video clips via the link provided...

June Classes

The Worthing Pavillion Tea dance was a delightful event, well attended and the and sandwiches and Cream Tea excellent

Worthing Tea Dance

Robb has been concentrating on extended our Samba routine and demonstrating the correct technique - which is going to take a while to master!!!
Also working on the Viennese Waltz, easy at slow tempo but difficult to get right at speed... 

May Classes

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Robb is coming to the end of his review of the steps he has taught us so far and shortly will be adding another step sequence to each dance style - maybe also introduce the Vienesse Waltz which we havent done in ages…

Both classes are doing well and we have had a few new couples join recently…


April Class - Review of steps

April classes have been a review of our steps learnt so far with some spirited mixed style practice sessions...

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March Practice Evening

14 couples, including couples from the beginners group, enjoyed a social get-together on Friday 22nd March. Practiced their new steps and basic routines to a range of music.

Robb introduced us all to a new sequence dance ( new to most of us ) the Melody Foxtrot, in just 30min the whole group danced it almost step perfect…. !

A delightful evening without the pressure of a formal dance floor...

Feb 26th - Samba!

Getting to grips with the Samba - this is going to take a few weeks!!!

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